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  • Order Molcas

    So, you decided you want Molcas? Here, you can find detailed information regarding purchases and our license policy. After filling in the order form, you will have to print and sign both the order and copyright pages. Then, you can either scan the pages and e-mail them (fast procedure) or send the papers by regular mail (can be quite slow).
  • Download Molcas binaries (users only)

    If you have a valid license for Molcas, you may download pre-built executables for the platforms listed below. This page is accessible only if you have a valid user ID, which you should have received if your order was succesful. Note, that Binaries for molcas 8.2 are coming soon..
  • Download Luscus

    You can build/view molecules, visualize orbitals and/or select active spaces, and a lot more with a program called Luscus. Luscus is available free of charge and can work with plugins, an easy way to interface with your own programs. Luscus is based on Molcas GV, for which development has now been discontinued in favour of Luscus.
  • Poster

    Documentation for off-line viewing

    If you want to destroy some trees, you can print out these files:
  • Artworks

    Molcas logo 750.
    Molcas logo 300.
  • Extra Tools and downloads

    Download Tools directory containing patch for Tinker interface and Grid to Cube converter.