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GV is a portable light-weight geometry viewer (gv) and grid visualizer (gv).
The main purpose of GV is visualization and simple editing of orbitals, computed by MOLCAS. But it can also used for visualization of XYZ files, and as a simple molecular builder with unique features (e.g. use of symmetry, building clusters, etc.).

Next version of GV code is LUSCUS. Use this link to Download Luscus

Several people contributed to the GV development: Alexander Gaenko (menu and initial build), Asbjøern Holt (geometry manipulations), Luca de Vico (powray), Per Olof Widwark (eps), Goran Kovacevic (bug fixing).

GV is not a freeware, it is not an opensource, it is copyrighted (C) Valera Veryazov 2019.

The idea dehind GV was simple: have a GUI, which depends on very little amount of stable libraries. But how naiive was I :( ... Small set of libraries OpenGL/GLU/glut turned to be an example of complete mess of opensource developed project. New bugs are introduced and fixed only after several years.
Just to conclude - if GV works on your computer - great! use it - I don't care. But if you have any question, no matter how small it is, or the code does not work on your computer - THE ONLY OPTION YOU HAVE IS to buy a support for GV (*).
(*) if you have valid (Academic, Center, University, commercial) Molcas license - you have an exception. Else, the GV license has the same conditions and the same cost as academic group license for Molcas. See molcas.org


build from templates

use of symmetry

Tobermorite crystal

SiO2 cluster

Water orbitals

HiRes pictures

Active space

publication example


Download GV v.2.0 executables

(after downloading, do not forget to change the file permissions)
Note! you might need GLUT library installed on your computer. It is free and available in Internet.

To verify that it works, download a luscus file and open it with gv.