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Posted by Valera Veryazov on July 09, 2015 at 12:34:38:

In Reply to: Regarding Files-in-Memory (FiM) feature in Molcas 8.0 posted by Mariusz Radon on July 09, 2015 at 12:14:13:


: I am interesting in activating the new functionality Files-in-Memory (FiM) in Molcas 8.0-sp1.

Note, that FiM is operation only if DGA, not GA is used!

: My first question is how to make sure that FiM is really activated. I have set up MOLCAS_FIM=1 and defined MOLCAS_MAXMEM and MOLCAS_MEM to reasonable values. I have also edited my ~/.Molcas/*.prgm files for selected programs (mostly `caspt2.prgm' and `rasscf.prgm'). However, I can find nothing in the output confirming that the FiM technology is activated (even though MOLCAS_PRINT is set to VERBOSE). Is it fine?

Right. I think that the only way to check that it actually activated is to define _DEBUG_ in io_utils/fim.c

: The second question. From the I/O access patterns of the caspt2 program I realized that files named RHS_01, RHS_02, ..., RHS_06 have a high percentage of random writes. So, according to the manual, these files are good candidates for keeping in memory. The problem is that these files are not mentioned in `caspt2.prgm'. So, how can I activate FiM for these files?

If some files (especially heavily used) are not listed in prgm file - it is a bug, of course. But you can fix this bug just adding them into Driver/caspt2.prgm.init !
If a file is not declared in prgm, it gets default attributes: located in WorkDir, named as it is, rw.

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