MOLCAS v. 8.6

The installation of Molcas can in most cases be performed in simple steps:

0. Make sure that you have a valid license file before proceeding.
   Put the file 'license.dat' in the Molcas root directory, or in the
   $HOME/.Molcas/ directory.

   Download, place it into an empty directoty, 
   and execute it.
   e.g. mkdir $HOME/molcas86; cd $HOME/molcas86; wget; sh ./init
   Script init will download MOLCAS 8.6. 

1. After running 'init' you already have an installation of Molcas 8.6 for 
   Linux x86_64 platform. 
   To install various versions of Molcas from source, check
   script. It contains templates for most important variants of Molcas 8.6.
   You don't need to edit this file, but of course, you are welcome to do that!
2. script creates file 'molcas.alt', containing the list of 
   various installations of Molcas. To select a needed version, type
   molcas -use=ALIAS input.file

For more information and options, refer to the installation guide,
which can be found in the web page: