This page is about social event at OpenMolcas workshop 2020.

Three teams: "The A-Team" (A), "Playful Tigers" (B) and "The Spherical Harmonics" (C) has participated in the game.
There is no a clear winner after the voting: Team A and Team C collected virtually the same amount of supporters. So, we need to have an extra time to find out the solely winner. The game will continue at 2021 at the next meeting. The updated and improved rules will be published before the event. It will be a possibility to rejoin the teams, make transfers, create a new team etc.

Team positions after 2020:
1-2. "The A-Team"
1-2. "The Spherical Harmonics"
3. "Playful Tigers"

The solutions:

The rules of the game 2020:

  1. The point of the event is to have fun and may be to learn a bit about OpenMolcas development
  2. You all were divided into 3 teams. Each team will have a breakdown room in Zoom.
    First task is very simple: you need to
    • Choose a name for your team
    • Select one or two presenters, who will keep notes during the discussion and present the answers at the end
    • Important the experts (who admitted that they are familiar with development routine) may not be a presenter!!
    • Also (if possible) the speakers at the meeting may not take a role as a presenter
    • It would be better if presenters can use google docs
    • please, inform Oskar (e.g. via Slack) the name of your team and the names of the presenters ASAP
  3. Please, note that each answer (use provided google docs) must have two parts:

    The problems:

    1. Code reviewing

    Code reviewing practice is very important for keeping the style and the standards of coding. Take any (non trivial) commit to OpenMolcas repository (made recently) and make code review for the changes.
    Remember to have a bullet list of important points for code reviewing (vote for 1A) and present suggestions for improvements for this commit (vote for 1B)

    2. Source code documentation

    Documentation of utilities is helpful for all developers, but mostly for new ones. Choose any utility and make documentation for it.
    Remember to have a bullet list of important points for source code documentation (2A) and present an example of good documentation (2B)

    3. Testing, testing, testing

    Testing is a way to automatically control the consistency of the code. Introduce a new property (e.g. moment of inertia or similar, the choice is yours), and introduce a test for it.
    Remember to have a bullet list of important points for creating of a new test (3A) and present an example of testing (3B)

  4. after 80 minutes you will have time to present your solutions.
  5. the voting will decide the winner!